Langcaster Lo-Impedance pickups with overdrive, Chorus and Delay

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Langcaster Pickups & Bass guitars .


See the movie clips Jan Akkerman playing on his Langcaster with the Netherlands Air Force Band, live recording of Queen greatest hits on DVD

 Theatrical music with the full orchestra, ten singers and an audience of 1400 on Dutch TV with Akkerman being a guest player.

 The DVD is a double layer recording giving you twice the listening and viewing pleasure of a normal DVD.
A CD is included in the DVD box so you can enjoy more than 60 minutes of highlights from Queen in Concert on your car's cd player.

This DVD can be ordered direct from:

Guitar Ace JanAkkerman ( ex Focus)

 Small movie 2 Mb MPEG4

Big Movie 6.5 Mb MPEG4

Small Movie 2 Mb MPEG4

Big Movie 4Mb MPEG4

Kind permission for the use of the small movie clips is given by Kapel Koninklijke Luchtmacht

Langcaster Lo-Impedance pickups & overdrive

Hearing is believing!! There is no loss in sound with Long cables and an incredible frequency range , the sound is louder and cleaner than any pickup on the market today.

Also the Langcaster has a built in gain adjustable overdrive!
A great guitar to use with a transmitter and keeping the overdrive sound!

See the movies with QuickTime 7 Free download on:

Half way through the song, you will hear the incredible difference in sound when the overdrive is activated on the guitar.
No pickup sounds as clean as the Langcatser lo-impedance system!

  Mp3 Sound file.

See 3mb Movie

The sound samples are recorded on a Jansen 30W Amp and a Korg pedal with the built in Overdrive on 70% volume setting in the neck pickup position.

We wanted to record the sound sample on average gear.

This is a Sound and Movie clip without the delay and the overdrive activated 1/3 true the song.

 Mp3 sound 525K

 Movie 3.3 Mb

See the Langcaster verses the Fender test movie !
Movie in the new Quiktime format H.264 The same but in QuckTime movie 7 Mb. Listen to the sample Fender versus Langcaster ! only1.5 Mb.

 Read what the proud owners of the Langcaster guitars have to say reviews placed on Harmony-Central Guitar database.

"Unlike every other pickup on the market, only our handmade Ultimate Lo-Impedence Pickups can catch the full notes and tones from light and fast finger tapping. No hammering, no force...just custom engineering unlike anything else. 
As special as this feature is, it is only one of the capabilities that make our pickups the best you can find! 

See the Movies with Guitar Ace, Andrew Davenport from the band Altitude.

Andrew Played on his own rig .

QuickTime Movies with Guitar Ace, Andrew Davenport from the band Altitude.

1MB. Acoustic like

5 MB. Fast Metal !


3MB.Finger tapping

2MB. Melodic Rock

Click here!

You can also see some demo movies on YouTube if you don't have Quiktime

The Langcatser FX with Overdrive, Chorus and Delay

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See all a bout the New FX Langcaster

Andrew Davenport plays some demo sounds recorded straight into a Marc 8 card and into Sony's Vegas on his PC. Only effects on the Langcaster are used.

Click on the photo for a bigger image

The FX is made from New Zealand swamp Kauri and is also available in blonde Kauri with 2 or 3 pickups & optional tremolo

This Langcaster has 2 Lo-impedance pickups, pu selector switch, LED lights up when the overdrive is activated , Overdrive on button, Volume pot, Overdrive gain pot, Chorus push on/off, Delay push on/off,Chorus speed, Delay repeats, Delay length, Mixer knob for dray to FX mix.

Andrew on a 4 string Langcastser Bass with the Langcaster Pickup

The Langacster was put direct in to the computer straight into the Marc 8 sound card(96\24) there no effect or any kind of compression just raw bass.

  3 Mb

Andrew lays down a bass pattern. You only hear the Ultimate Lo pick in the neck position.


2 Jazz like 2 bass tracks

Andrew records a bass solo over the existing bass pattern.


Metal with the langacster Overdrive

Watch Andrew's bass tapping!

Andrew Davenport from the band "Altitude" recorded with a home camera .

See his the website on:

See this movie with amazing finger tapping . Only 2 Mb Bigger size 3 Mb

Altitude, lead by New Zealand Guitarist, Andrew Davenport, does all of their own composition, arranging, recording, & production

Andrew Davenport,  Bmus(hons), MA, MMus, PHd .

Andrew has dedicated almost all his life to the pursuit of musical excellence in both performance and production, echoed in his musical achievements and qualifications.  Approaching mastering and music production from this, angle gives a unique musical perspective often lacking in this field.  The ability to deal with any musical scenarios from both a performer and producers perspective ensures that the music reaches its full potential, both musically and production wise. 

Many clients/studios have benefited from Andrews's qualified musical insight, mastering skills, production, arrangements, composition, and session work.  All of the skills backed up by a plethora of musical qualifications in everything from composition and music theory to advanced electric guitar techniques. 

Andrew has discovered the power of the Langcaster Lo-Impedance pickups for all to here!

Super stars Chris Thompson and Mads Eriksen
The best player I have ever heard, holding a Langcaster when recording the new CD at York Street Studios.

Mads Eriksen has just released his seventh album Redhanded. This is his first record that is not entirely instrumental. Chris Thompson, former Manfred Manns's Earth Band and Alan Parsons Project singer, has co-written and sings on four tracks.

Juvenile Fantasy Mp3 +/- 2Mb.

Listen to Mads Eriksen, words can not describe how good this man is! A must for every guitar player to here this.

"Thanks Mads you made my day" Joh Lang.

See the Mads Eriksen website :

When Chris phoned me to see one of my guitars in the York street studios, I was over the moon. Chris is the "Voice of New Zealand." I ask him who would be playing the lead guitar? His answer, " Mads Eriksen." The best guitarist in the world!"

Chris joined Manfred Mann's Earth Band in 1974. Since becoming a member of the band, Chris has sung on such international hits as Blinded By The Light, which reached No.1 in the U.S.

Chris has over 20 Lp's / Cd's to his name.

"Thank's Chris for years of fantastic songs and more to come, keep rocking " Joh Lang

BurningLight.mp3 +/- 2 Mb.

See the Chris Thopson website :

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