Jan Akkerman and his Langcaster for the Jimi Hendrix tribute tour.

Guitar Ace Jan Akkerman with over 70 Lp's and Cd's to his name is known for his taste of exquisite guitars !

It is remarkable that Jan Akkerman ( FOCUS) favored Lancaster for his 2003 Jimi Hendrix Tribute Tour together with another guitar legend Steve Lukather of (TOTO).

Jan Akkerman motivated his choice for Langcaster as follows:

" For this Hendrix tour I had to play a Strat."
Now I generally dislike Fenders but this Langcaster was something else.
Good appearance with 35.000 years old Swamp Kauri wood, very appealing.
The feel of this Langcaster is good, and the hardware is of superb quality.


Jan made the following statement;

"My prediction is that this will became a highly-rated classic, the neck is absolutely the best I ever had my hands on "

Read the full story by guitar journalist Cees Bakker for "Guitar Plus" Magazine and what Jan had to say a bout the guitar in his own column in "Guitar Plus"

The Jan Akkerman web site for CD and Dvd release

"Hi Joh", it is one of the most beautiful strat models I have ever played on" Jan Akkerman".


This Langcaster guitar features,

* Langcaster pickup with10 magnetic poles to prevent the loss of sound when bending strings and NO ! ummmmm. Hand-carved head stock , * The revolutionary Earvana nut to improve tuning, * Jade inlay strings trees, Schaller Locking Machine heads with 1:16 gear ratio, * Hard rock Maple and tilt-back head stock, * Double action truss rod & 2 Graphite reinforcement rods, * Ebony finger board, * 22 Medium jumbo frets, * 25 1/2" scale & 15" radius, * Security Strap Locks, * Brass Knobs, * Schaller 3 way adjustable bridge. Optional, the Stealth Sustainer from Sustainiac.

 If you love custom made guitars, want the best looking body, want recording with no hum, want the best pickups in the world, or real sustain at any volume, Langcaster it is !