Langcaster Guitars & Pickups
Custom made guitars with Langcaster Pickup + Overdrive

Langcaster ™ guitars made from stunning 35,000 year old swamp Kauri,
are fitted with innovated technology guitar pickups & overdrive option, a worlds first !.

If you want a stunning looking body, want recording with clean pickup sound and no hum,
want the best sounding pickups in the world , Langcaster has it !

The oldest wood ever used in the construction of a guitar, 35000 years old Swap Kauri.


Langcaster guitars are now collectors items as I retire due to health issues. We always made Langcaster guitars and pickups for the love of it but sadly it has to come to an end. To all your Lancaster players KEEP ROCKINN..

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SEE Langcaster Guitars & Pickups TV Documentary "The making of Langcaster guitars"

The Koru series are fitted with Khaler fine tune bridge & have a classic shape neck with Paua shell inlay and locking tuners + the only guitar in the world with a sweet sounding Overdrive and Gain control.

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See Kara Gordon on his Langcaster guitars on his site


See Arli Liberman playing his Langcaster with an E-bow and his video page on:

     Listen to the sound tracks with Langcaster Pickups!


Click on the photo for a bigger image. The rings round the pickups and switch plate are also hand made.

Paua Shell inlay and Locking Machine heads Medium Jumbo frets

The koru is the Maori name given to the new unfurling fern frond and symbolizes new life, growth, strength and peace. It is an integral symbol in Maori art carving in New Zealand.

A worlds first !

All Langcasters have standard overdrive with gain control and Lo-Impedance Pickups.

Guitar Ace Jan Akkerman with over 70 Lp's and Cd's to his name with Focus and many solo projects, is known for his taste of exquisite guitars

Jan Akkerman favored Lancaster for his Jimi Hendrix Tribute Tour together with an other guitar legend Steve Lukather of (TOTO).

Jan Akkerman motivated his choice for Langcaster as follows:

" For this Hendrix tour I had to play a Strat. I generally dislike Fenders but this Langcaster was something else. Good appearance with 35.000 years old Swamp Kauri wood, very appealing.
The feel of this Langcaster is good, and the hardware is of superb quality.

"Hi Joh, it is one of the most beautiful strat models I have ever played on"

Jan Akkerman.

See more photos and read what Jan Akkerman had to say,

The only low impedance pickups in the world with overdrive.

Read the pickup ANTHOLOGY, all about the Ultimate low-impedance pickups .

Lo-impedance pickups means longgg cables and no loss of treble. It has the widest frequency range ever and a louder out put . Only 100 Ohm resistance and not the usual +/- 8000 K you will find in other pickups.
Push the switch and you have a great sweet sounding overdrive with a volume pot to set the amount of gain.
When the overdrive is activated a LED lights up in the switch plate when playing

Langcaster custom made guitars have a Carbon fiber cavity.
Carbon is conductive and strong as steel , many companies are too lazy to correctly shield guitars.
The switch plate has an LED and the rings round the pickups are hand made like the pickups.
The Battery can be opened from the back plate in a battery holder. The battery lasts +/- 800 Hr.

Langcaster with Amber and Kauri gum the oldest wood ever used in a guitar ! 35000 years old.

Classic carving pattern head stock

Paua shell truss rod cover.

No solid body guitar sounds cleaner than the Langcaster.

"Don't believe me ?" SEE THIS MOVIE!


Read what the proud owners of the Langcaster guitars have to say !

20th Century Guitar Magazine

Read the review in the Feb/March issue of 20th Century Guitar Magazine


  • Dutch Magazine "Music Maker" names the langcaster as the Bentley of Guitars.
  • German Magazine "Gitarre & Bass" have seldom seen a guitar that special.
  • Sweden "Fuzz Magazine" Guitar Ace Jan Akkerman on 35000 year old stunning Langcaster guitar.
  • Dutch Magazine "Guitar Plus" Jan Akkerman writes "the most beautiful instrument you can imagine

Rave reviews in many magazines

Langcaster the "Bentley" of guitars


( Click on the cover )

Langcaster Guitar Review in Gitarre&Bass Magazine, January 2004.

Europe's most respected and largest magazine!.

For us testers there is seldom the possibility to take something special under the loop.

Therefore my eyes flashed when they told me of a guitar, which shortly ago appeared in the joined short tour of strings acrobats Steve Lukather and Jan Akkerman made its striking appearance.

Langcaster on TV-1 and TV- 3 news !

One of the outstanding displays on the Music Expo .

See Joh lang on the 6 o'clock TV3 news with his guitars & the lightwave bass. QuickTime = 3Mb


The 6 o'clock news with the Langaster guitars

QuickTime = 5Mb

All Langcaster guitars from the Anniversary series are sold and are now collectors items ! click here ! Thanks Joh Lang

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