Langcaster Guitars and pickups

With 2 or 3 pickups & Ultimate Lo-Impedance Pickups+ Overdrive!

Langcaster guitars made from Swamp Kauri wood 35000 years old!


See the video page "The making of Langcaster" sound samples off Langcaster Pickups and guitars

The best sounding Pickups and Overdrive on the planet!

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The pickups electrics PCB board are made by Langcaster

The switch plate, pickup rings and string tries, are made by Langcaser

The battery holder in the back plate is black crystal, the battery last for 800-1000 Hrs

Chrome pickup rings and switch plates made on our CNC machine. Pick guards and logo's on our Laser cutter machine.

The first guitar in the world with Lo-impedance pickups + Overdrive

No hum, long cables can be used, 100 Ohm, plays in all amps/mixer/PA and PC .

The widest frequency range of all pickups ever produced !clean as a bell!

Langcaster work shop, carving in the Cobra.

This guitar is the first with the dark Kauri wood body and has a custom made scratch front and back plate in white pearl. Contains Kinman noiseless AVn Blues pickups and the body cavities are copper shielded.

This Langcaster guitar is Sold

The Langcaster name is TM -Pickups and PCB board are the intellectual property off Langcaster Ltd Patents Pending